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 Famous Oil Painting Artists

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PostSubject: Famous Oil Painting Artists   Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:15 pm

In the history of Oil Paintings for sale, there have been a number of famous oil painting artists who have bemused the world with their skills. Let us have a small rendezvous with some of the famous oil painting artists.
Famous PaintingsPablo Picasso- The name of Pablo Picasso is an inscrutable one in the domain of oil painting. He is the finest of all the famous oil painting artists that the world has ever seen. Paintings of The Country House, Study Of Man With Beard, Study Of Left Eye, Self Portrait, First Communion, Children Paintings Science And Charity, Antoni Gaudi, Portrait Of Josep Cardona, Dancer In Blue, Moulin De La Galette, La Nana, Magot are some of the exquisite works offered to the world by this gifted artist by dint of his masterly strokes.
Flower PaintingsPaul Gaugin- Paul Gaugin is the name of another extremely gifted artist who hailed into the galaxy of the most famous oil painting artists from France. Paul, who later on carved his niche amongst the most famous oil painting artists of all time, was an original inhabitant of the place called Lima. Boats Paintings It was amazing to know that before making his way into the squad of the famous oil paining artists, Paul had long served as a stock brokerís clerk in Paris.
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Famous Oil Painting Artists
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