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 Boats paintings are a style of oil paintings

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Boats paintings are a style of oil paintings   Empty
PostSubject: Boats paintings are a style of oil paintings    Boats paintings are a style of oil paintings   Icon_minitimeTue Oct 25, 2011 10:09 pm

Boats Paintings are a style of oil paintings. Marine subjects with particular emphasis on oil portrait of a boat, ships and shipping had been a distinct genre of oil paintings in the Dutch Republic in the 17th century. Initially oil paintings based on Marine subjects had their focus on subjects depicting engagement of Dutch naval vessels against the Spanish. People Paintings Vroom was the pioneer of making marine subjects particularly oil portrait of boat as popular marine subjects, which resulted in developing an enormous market for marine paintings where artists like Porcellis de Vlieger, Building Paintings Van de Cappelle, and Van de Velde the younger who had a major contribution in painting portraits of the conditions of the sea at different times, and the effects of atmospheric changes on the sea.
Oil Paintings for sale The Anglo- Dutch Wars of 1652 that ended in the year 1674 contributed a lot towards imbibing public interest in comissioning historical paintings and oil portrait of boats that were large and played a dominant role in the wars. Famous Paintings In the aftermath of the war Charles II appointed Willem van de Velde and his son for painting when the marine painting market shifted to London.
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Boats paintings are a style of oil paintings
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