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 Radical Corner- Fanboys mvoie review Read this, you must!

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Radical Dickhead
Shark Baby
Shark Baby

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PostSubject: Radical Corner- Fanboys mvoie review Read this, you must!   Wed Aug 19, 2009 5:50 am

I am a game reviewer. That’s what I do when I am bored. Besides video games, I love movies and today I am going to do my first movie review so bare with me if it’s a bit amateuristic™. The movie that blew my mind off and made me wanting to review it is, Fanboys.

I was lurking through the internet, searching for something good to watch when a friend suggested Fanboys. I dug into it and saw that every single professional reviewer gave it a low score. I was really intrigued into watching it and deciding who was wrong and who was right.

Fanboys opens up with our cast entering a Halloween party dressed up as Darth Vader and two storm troopers. The crowd makes fun of them…I don’t really understand why because those costumes were fucking awesome. The next moments though we understand that they are all nerdy losers (Like most of us, we can relate people!) and they just douched up the party. One of them even brought their notebook to the party to talk to his internet girlfriend. They later meet up with one of their high school buddies that basically, as he puts it, grew up.

The cast:
Eric is our corporate sleaze character. He is the second in command to his old man in the car selling business. Deep inside he wants to create comics for a living and he draws them after work. He doesn’t though because he fills inclined to take on the family business and live a life that although is miserable, gives him money. As our entire cast, they are star wars fanboys.

Linus has cancer and he was best friends with Eric but they broke up after Eric became a car salesman and Linus was still living the dream of becoming a comic book legend. They broke away after high school though because Eric grew up…or so he thought.

Hutch is our fat, virgin, everyday horny nerd (again, many of us can relate!). He still lives in his mother garage that he calls a carriage house…Don’t ever call it a garage and that’s a rule. He also has a sweet ass van with the best art work ever…It even has an R2 at the top. He also thinks he can control people with his mind (Example: You want to take your shirt off.). He humps people when he is happy and overreacts many times…Funniest of the bunch, in my opinion. He is a co-owner of a comic book store. Also another rule about this guy…Never call Han Solo a bitch…

Windows is our scared skinny nerd (Wow…how many co-relations will we have in this damn review!). He has an internet girlfriend that he met in a jedi chat room and she described herself as a cross between Sarah Mitchell Gellar and Janeane Garofalo and he described himself as white chocolate, a white Billy D Williams. He owns a comic book store with Hutch and Zoey.

Zoey is hot and a nerd. As Windows later reveals she isn’t a woman…I mean, she beat every Zelda game Nintendo ever released and loves the wars(Is this another co-relation…I don’t know ladies!). This character is played by Kristen Bell and she is the only one I mentioned a name because I am sure you will search her up, you sick freaks!

Supporting cast:
The most notable of our supporting cast is Seth Rogan…He plays multiple roles that I don’t want to spoil but overall the supporting cast ties up this movie very well. There are other supporting casts such as Kevin Smith and Jay(Jay and Silent Bob) but their there for a cameo.

Story-Concept of this movie:

Its 1998 and our movie opens at a Halloween party. The 3 have been together ever since high school but Eric bailed on them because he thinks that everyone grows up at a point or another. One is a car sales man and the other people are still living the dream of being the next big thing in comics. They are piss drunk and an alarm goes off. It’s a countdown towards the release off Phantom Menace (Little did they know…). Linus gets up pumped up and speaks of the epic journey they have been planning since the 5th grade…an epic trip to the Skywalker ranch to steal the movie. The other 2 get hyped up so does Zoey but she hides it and Eric is there to ruin the fun for everybody and bring them down to reality…Linus surpasses the comment and the 3 stooges leave. The next day Hutch and Windows find Butler at his work place and tell him that Linus has cancer. From there on…Butler changes attitude…now his attitude is for Linus damnit!

Final Comments:
Great movie…They talk about subjects that worried/y most of us like…Whats up with Lea kissing look etc. Some of its flaws are some drawn out Indian and bar scenes. I get the whole Guido- Han Solo bar scene thing…but it dragged out way to long and I skip that part whenever I watch this movie (Which is very often.). As a final comment…Great movie, all star wars nerds should watch it!

Some cool shit I found out:
This movie is inspired by a 2001 short film from new zeland…It was very popular on the internet and they both have identical stories, except a few differences…since Fanboys was Hollywoodized™.

It also has one of the funniest endings ever…Its just one line, one phrase…It gets me every damn time!

Most memorable quote(without spoiling anything and with a life long meaning) is: "Luke's greatest deed was to destroy the death star, I think everybody has to find their death star"

If i still didn't get you to want to read this...I give you...boner time!

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Ruler of Evil
Ruler of Evil

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PostSubject: Re: Radical Corner- Fanboys mvoie review Read this, you must!   Wed Aug 19, 2009 9:30 am

This movie was fuckin awesome! I had no idea what it was about because i was drunk when I watched it, but everything I remember seeing was awesome!

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PostSubject: Re: Radical Corner- Fanboys mvoie review Read this, you must!   Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:34 pm

Kristen bell as Leia is the girl of my dreams... *drool*

Seriously I'm stoked at how awesome this movie was. Amazing it took so long to get from where it did to actually coming out.
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PostSubject: Re: Radical Corner- Fanboys mvoie review Read this, you must!   

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Radical Corner- Fanboys mvoie review Read this, you must!
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